When we experience the glorious Lord Jesus Christ, we will easily enter the kingdom of God. He makes it easy. When we try on our own, it never works. When we experience the one true God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and His majesty, greatness, love and infinitely, eternally more, we will easily enter the kingdom of God, His glorious presence and power! Amen! The divine mystery is simple: a relationship with Him. He teaches us to seek Him (seek first the kingdom of God, for example) and give Him everything we have. When we do what is common sense- such as seeking Him with our all, walking in repentance, humility, obedience, and are faithful, and all the other common sense ways of living, then we will experience Him. When we do, He cancels us. We die a glorious spiritual death. And He lives in and through us. Amen! Pt 3