Three & Its Significance- Deep, Eternal Truth of Infinite Vastness
Holy, Holy, Holy
Kingdom, Power and Glory
Jesus in the grave for three days
Three heavens
Three patriarchs- Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Noah had three sons- Gen. 6:10
Jonah in the fish three days
Jesus answered the Satan’s three temptations- MT 4:1-11
Jesus ministry was three years
Peter denied Jesus three times (Luke 22:54-62); Jesus affirmed his love three times (John 21:15-17)
Three realms of prayer
Three Dimensions of the anointing
1. Salvation- Lev. 14:18
2. Ministry- Ex. 30:30
3. Authority- 2 Sam. 5:3
Three worlds of faith
1. Measure
2. Gift
3. Fruit
Jesus forgives of transgression, iniquity and sin
1. Wounded for our transgressions- Is. 53:5 on
2. Bruised for our iniquities
3. Chastised for our sin
Amen and Amen
Glory to God