The Seven Stations of the Tabernacle (Exodus 25-30)

The seven stations represent seven revelations of Jesus Christ.
They are also seven revelations regarding entering into the Holy of Holies, the presence of the Lord God Almighty.
The tabernacle is an earthly pattern of a heavenly tabernacle.
The tabernacle is a pattern of prayer.

The gate – Jesus, the door
Altar of sacrifice – Jesus, the Lamb of God
Laver – Jesus, the word of God and the living water
Table of showbread – Jesus, the bread of life
Gold candlestick – Jesus, the light of the world
Altar of incense – Jesus, the presence of God; our intercessor
Ark of the covenant – Jesus, the glory of God

The Location of the Stations:

The gate
Outer Court – altar of sacrifice; laver
The Holy Place – table of showbread; gold candlestick; altar of incense
The Holy of Holies – the ark of the covenant