The Holy Spirit is . . . the Spirit of the Father and of Jesus Christ. He is Jesus unlimited. Amen!

The portion below is from Dwight Moody’s “The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit” available for free on the internet.

“We have just seen that the Holy Spirit is a Person and the third Person of the divine Trinity.
The establishment of this fact is what gives a deep interest
to the study which we are about to make on His work in the human heart. Indeed, if the Spirit were merely a power coming from above, it would be at my disposal and I could use it at will. But if the Spirit is a Person, and more than that, if He is God Himself, it is I who should be at His disposal, and love and obey Him in all things. Besides, receiving into our hearts not only a blessing, but the presence of the Almighty God is to have within us the source of all grace and of all possibility. Let us beware of failing to recognize the true nature of the
Holy Spirit” (page 19).