God chose to create you.1 He chose to make you into His image and likeness.2 He chose to give you an eternal, priceless soul.3 He chose to give you faith, eternity, value, choice and every good thing.4

God sustains you.5 He gives everything that keeps you alive.6 If you had died before the age of five, you would have gone to heaven to live with Him, forever.7

God chose give you His Son Jesus.8 He chose to give you His Holy Spirit.9 He chose to die for you. He chose to give Himself to you, forever.10

He chooses to save and heal. He chooses to be available to you, all the time, for all eternity.11 He chooses to knock on the door of your heart, the real you.12

God chooses to believe in you. All He asks is that you believe in Him. He gave you your life and soul. He died for you. He asks that you give your life back to Him.

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