The Lord God Almighty is the most wonderful, beautiful Person in the universe.
Main points from the beginning of this podcast:
1. The Holy Spirit is . . . Jesus Christ. Amen.
2. Jesus Christ is God. The Holy Spirit is God.
3. Man was born to fellowship with God.
4. The key is . . . the presence of Jesus.

The Regeneration of the Holy Spirit

The following portion is from “The Personality and Work of the Holy Spirit” by Rene Pache, published by Moody Bible and available at Thank you to Moody Bible for allowing us to publish this excerpt:

the work of the Spirit in a heart which has yielded to a conviction
of sin and accepted the Saviour. At the very moment
of conversion the Holy Spirit, through the working of faith,
brings about in such a heart the following operations which
are but the differing aspects of one and the same intervention:
1. The Spirit regenerates the believer
2. The Spirit baptizes him
3. The believer receives the Spirit
4. The Spirit adopts him
5. He sets a seal upon him
6. He gives him the earnest of eternal salvation
7. The Spirit dwells within him
8. He anoints him for service
We shall study in succession these different actions, remembering
the while that they are simultaneous and that they form
the experience of a child of God as he stands upon the threshold
of spiritual life. They are, as it were, the many facets of that
royal gem which is the Spirit’s gift, and each one enables us to
understand a particular aspect of the Lord’s work accomplished
in us at the first moment of belief.