Glory to God…Jesus is alive! Amen!
Our ministry creates websites promoting the glorious gospel, and people around the world are viewing them. Some recent examples are below. We are offering a unique opportunity to other believers: if you have a website/domain idea and want a website for it, you can sponsor the site for as little as $15 initially (there are other costs going forward, such as hosting and tech support costs). You can reach people with the message of Jesus Christ. Email us as at with your website & domain ideas.

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If you are hungry, Jesus the bread of life fully satisfies you so that you will never hunger or thirst . . . and you will live forever.

If you are in the dark, Jesus the light of the world gives you the light of life.

If you want spiritual security, Jesus the door saves you and gives you abundant life, to the full until it overflows.

If you need anything, Jesus the good shepherd leads and guides you to everlasting life.

If you regret the past and fear the future, Jesus the I AM gives you happiness, fullness of joy, perfect peace, rest, hope and infinitely more.

If you fear death, Jesus the resurrection and the life gives you eternal life so you will never die.

If you are lost, Jesus the way, truth and the life leads you on the way to truth, eternal life and infinitely more.

If you want to have purpose, Jesus the true vine invites you to be His disciple and accomplish things that last forever.

Those who have Jesus: 

If you have nothing, you have everything.

When you are poor, you are rich.

When you can do nothing, you can do all things He wants you to do.

When you are weak, you are strong.

When you humble yourself, you will be exalted.

If you lose your life, you will find it.

If you give up everything you have, you’ll find everything you want, need, desire, long for, hope for and dream of.

If you give up everything, you receive a hundredfold in this life and in eternal life.

If you hate your life, you will keep it for eternal life.

If you have Jesus, and nothing else, you have everything.

Jesus loves

Jesus saves

Jesus heals

Jesus delivers

Jesus redeems

Jesus invites

Jesus gives

Jesus gives the Kingdom

Jesus gives Himself

Jesus blesses

Jesus speaks

Jesus teaches

Jesus leads

Jesus reveals

Jesus baptizes

Jesus anoints

Jesus sets free

Jesus prays and intercedes

Jesus reveals Himself

Jesus hides

Jesus exalts

Jesus promises

Jesus knocks on the door of Your heart

Jesus offers fellowship

Jesus reigns

Jesus is alive, forever