Learn the meaning of life in Pt 21! There is a vast difference between what people PERCEIVE as “Christianity” and what a walk with Jesus TRULY IS. It is tragic- and a deception of the enemy, the world and more. A walk with Jesus is what mankind was created to do. God created mankind to be His children, forever! God created mankind to walk with Him, live with Him, and learn from Him FOREVER. How do we find God? Through the Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ the Lord! Amen! Yet, the vast majority of people perceive “Christianity” as a religious activity, a boring, dull life to be AVOIDED LIKE THE PLAGUE, a life of “do’s” and “don’t’s” where we deprive ourselves of good things and “deny ourselves” until we die. That PERCEPTION is a total lie! A walk with Jesus is glorious, supernatural and wonderful- and what we were created to do! The end result is the anointing, the glorious presence and power of God Almighty! Amen! Learn about this new life and His anointing in Pt 21 of The Anointing Series.