Jesus Christ is God.
And infinitely, eternally more.
Those who know Jesus know God.
They have eternal life, which is knowing the only true God.
If they continue with Jesus, they will live forever.
Outside of Jesus, there is nothing. Apart from Jesus, someone can do nothing. Without Jesus, someone has nothing.
Those who do not know Jesus are spiritually dead. If they die without Jesus Christ, they go to eternal death.
Eternal life continues forever in heaven, a place of absolute glory.
Heaven is God’s home, full of the glorious splendor of His majesty and infinitely more.
Eternal death continues forever in hell, the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.
Those who know Jesus as Lord have the divine nature and life of God. They have the supernatural, abundant, zoe life. They have the Almighty God living in and through them – and all around them.
Those who do not know Jesus have nothing. Even if they gain the whole world, they possess nothing.
Those who know Jesus can accomplish things that will last forever. They can store up treasures in heaven, They can do even greater things than Jesus did.
Those who do not know Jesus can do nothing. Even if they conquer the whole world, they have accomplished nothing.