Jesus: an Eternal Revelation

Jesus Christ is God and the Son of God

Jesus Christ is the Lord God Almighty.
And, Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
And, He is infinitely, eternally more. Amen!

The following is impossible to put into human words, but it is an attempt:
The revelation of the only true God, the great God Jehovah, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is certainly the most important revelation in the universe.
Within that revelation, the revelation of Jesus is also the most important revelation in the universe.

A person’s eternal destiny depends on their response to the only true God’s offer of Himself through Jesus Christ.
God has offered the Lord Jesus to every person. It is the greatest and only offer to mankind.
God wants to save all people. He wants everyone to spend eternity with Him in heaven (2 Peter 3:9 & many others).
The tragedy is that most people will not find Jesus as Lord and Savior.
If anyone says no to Jesus, God cannot do anything more for them.
God has done everything He can do to save mankind.
He sent His only Son to the earth to die for the world!
Jesus rose from the dead and lives forevermore.
God sent the Holy Spirit to the earth.
Jesus – the Lord God Almighty – is available to every person, all the time, everywhere they go, for all eternity!
What else could God do for mankind?

God’s Plan for Humanity

God’s plan for humanity is so glorious, it is beyond words.
God’s magnificent offers to mankind are beyond human comprehension.
He has offered Himself, to every person, all the time, everywhere they go, for all eternity.

God’s Offer to Mankind

God’s offer to mankind is priceless, infinite and eternal. Why?
Because HE is priceless, infinite and eternal, and infinitely, eternally more!
For all eternity, man will be in awe of Him and His offer to mankind.


Some Descriptions of heaven and Jesus Christ:

The scene was “gorgeously unsurpassable in its beauty,” with the foliage having a radiance. It was a great outdoors of mountains, trees, flowers, music, and sweet smells. Forests of symmetrical trees unlike anything on earth covered the foothills on each side. Every tree was tall, graceful, perfect, unblemished . . . Rolling hills under cloudless skies seemed to stretch for miles. The skies were a new color, an iridescent white-gold light. The valley floor was gorgeous. Stately grasses with perfectly straight blades were mixed in with ultra-white, four-petalled flowers on stems two feet tall, with a touch of gold at the centers. 6 – Richard Eby

“She looked into his eyes, which were loving and clear as blue water, yet piercing. It was like she was mirrored in his eyes . . . There was a heavenly illumination that made his hair light red, his eyes bluish and transparent, and his skin a light gold color . . . “There is no way to describe his coloring. It is like another world’s color. It’s the Shekinah glory, iridescent golden light glowing through him.” 7 – Valvita Jones