Jesus Gives Eternal, Everlasting Life (John 10:28)
Jesus Offers Abundant Life
Jesus said, “The Age to Come, Eternal Life” (Luke 18:30)
Followers of Jesus Will Live Forever
The Glorious Splendor of His Majesty
Jesus the Revelation of God (John 1)
Jesus, the Image of the Invisible God (Colossians 1:15)
Jesus, the Exact Representation of God’s Nature (Hebrews 1:3)
“The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me” (Luke 4:18)
Seven Revelations of Jesus Christ in John 1
The Seven “I am” Passages in John
Jesus Reveals Himself
The Glory of the Lord
Jesus was Filled with the Holy Spirit
“The Power of the Spirit”
“How Much More will Your Heavenly Father Give the Holy Spirit” (Luke 11:13)
The Glory of Jesus
The Glory of Jesus which the Father Gave Him
Jesus in His Glory
God Gave and Gives Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Jesus Gives Us His Glory
Five Glorious Revelations
Jesus, the Revelation of God
An Eternal Revelation
Jesus, an Eternal Revelation
Jesus Loves
Jesus Saves
Jesus Heals
Jesus Delivers
Jesus Redeems
Jesus Invites
Jesus Gives
Jesus Gives the Kingdom
Jesus Gives Himself
Jesus Blesses
Jesus Speaks
Jesus Teaches
Jesus Leads
Jesus Reveals
Jesus Baptizes
Jesus Anoints
Jesus Sets Free
Jesus Prays and Intercedes
Jesus Reveals Himself
Jesus Hides
Jesus Exalts
Jesus Promises
Jesus Knocks on the Door of Your Heart
Jesus Offers Fellowship
Jesus Reigns
The Book of Life
More Books in Heaven