God believes in you.
Jesus believes in you.
He created you.
He knows everything about you.
He loves you with an everlasting love.
He died for you.
He’s all around you.
He knocks on the door of your heart.
He wants you to choose Him and not self.
He wants you to live forever with Him in heaven, His home.

Psalm 139:7-10, Matthew 10:30, Jeremiah 31:3, Psalm 139:7-10, Revelation 3:20

God chose to create you.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
He made you into His image and likeness.
If you had died before the age of five, you would have gone to heaven to live with Him, forever.
He sustains you.
He gives everything that keeps you alive.
He gives you every good gift.
He gives you faith.
He put eternity in your heart.
He gave you choice.
He believes in you . . . more than you can comprehend.
Even if you do not believe in Him, He believes in you.
He believes in you, even forever.
There is one choice He will not make for you: the choice to believe in Him.

Psalm 139:14, Genesis 1:27, 2:7, John 3:16, 1 Timothy 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9, Isaiah 42:5, Job 12:10, James 1:17, Romans 12:3, Ecclesiastes 3:11

How much does God the Father and Jesus believe in you?

The Father gave Jesus to you and the world.
The Father sent Jesus from heaven to die for you and the world.
Jesus came to the earth and lived as a human like you.
Jesus became what you are, so you could become what He is.
He was born, lived for 33 years, and died.
He died for the world.
He died that you might live, forever.
There is no greater love than someone laying down their life for his friends.
The fact that God sent His Son to die for you and the world reveals His love for mankind and how much He believes in you.
Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Lord God Almighty.

John 3:16, John 6, John 10:28, John 6:51, John 15:13, John 8:58