God’s Plan for Humanity – the Bread of Life Passage

The bread of life passage reveals God’s love for the world and His plan for humanity.
A major theme is the sacrifice of Jesus.
Jesus is the bread of life, forever. Amen!

The following are just some of the eternally significant aspects of the bread of life passage to consider:
1. It is the first of the seven “I am” passages.
2. It is the longest and most in-depth teaching of the seven “I am” revelations and teachings (36 verses total; the Door/Good Shepherd passage is 30 verses; the True Vine passage is 17.)
3. It is the only “I am” passage included within Jesus’ revelation and teaching about the three phases of knowing God in the power of the Holy Spirit.
4. It is the only teaching in the gospels in which Jesus repeated specific eternal truths, including:

Jesus is the bread of life (said in various ways) – nine (9) times

Jesus came from heaven – six (6) times

God the Father sent Jesus – four (4) times

Jesus will raise up his followers at the last day – four (4) times

He who eats this bread will live forever and never die – six (6) times

Jesus’ divine relationship with the Father – ten (10) times

Note: a full list is at the end of this chapter.

5. It is the only teaching after which “many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more” (John 6:66).
Note: a list of the disciples we know about is at the end of this chapter.