Everything about the only true God is an eternal revelation. He is the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

He is from eternity to eternity.

He is eternity.

He created the heavens and the earth.

He created billions of holy angels.

He created man into His own image and likeness.

He had a plan of salvation before the foundation of the world.

When man chose self, He slew an animal and clothed them with coats of skins, a prophecy of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

He came to earth as a man.

He was fully man and fully God.

God’s Son became a seed, an embryo, a fetus, a baby, a child, a boy, a teen, a young man, a man.

He lived as a human like us.

He had parents, siblings, a home.

He was a carpenter.

He knew as a 12-year-old boy that He must be about His Father’s business.

Yet, He is the Lord God Almighty, from eternity to eternity.

He is in heaven now, as He was before the foundation of the world.

Though He is God, He will forever be robed in glorified flesh, to honor mankind.

His countenance is like the sun, shining in its strength.

His head and hair are white like wool, as white as snow.

His eyes are like a flame of fire.

His voice is as the sound of many waters.

His hands and feet are nail-pierced.

He brought the kingdom of heaven to earth.

He made it possible for humans to live forever in heaven.

He reveals mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

He speaks things kept secret from the foundation of the world.

He reveals Himself.

He knocks on the door of every person’s heart.

He’s available to every person, all the time, their entire life, for all eternity.

He believes in every person. All He asks is that they believe in Him.