In the Beatitudes, Jesus’ reveals eternal revelations about knowing God.
Every one of the nine revelations has divine blessings and promises. Jesus said “blessed” nine times.
“Blessed” literally means “happy” and “rich.” The Greek word for “blessed” is “makarioi,” which means “happy, rich, favored, fortunate.”
There are eight blessings and promises in all.
The first seven revelations seem to be a complete progression a person can do in their relationship with God. The final two deal with being persecuted.

Summary of the specific revelations and promises:

If someone is a “spiritual beggar,” God offers them the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3).

If someone mourns over their sin, God comforts them (Matthew 5:4).

Those who are consecrated to God shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).

Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, shall be filled with the Holy Spirit (Matthew 5:6).

Those who are merciful shall receive mercy (Matthew 5:7).

Those having a single, pure devotion to God (“pure in heart”) shall see Him (Matthew 5:8).

Those who are peacemakers shall be called sons of God (Matthew 5:9).

Those who are persecuted for righteousness shall receive the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:10).

Those who are reviled and persecuted, and have all kinds of evil said against them falsely for Jesus’ sake, will have great reward in heaven (Matthew 5:11).

Just as with everything in our most holy faith, Jesus’ promises in this portion are priceless and beyond words . . . the Holy Spirit can reveal them. The promises:

1. The kingdom of heaven
2. Comfort, the Holy Spirit
3. Inherit the earth
4. Filled, with the Holy Spirit
5. Mercy
6. See God
7. Son of God
8. Great reward in heaven

Every promise is truly incomparable!
God offers . . . heaven, the Holy Spirit, the earth, mercy, seeing the only true God and Jesus Christ, being a son of God, and great reward in heaven.