The Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Gifts of the Holy Spirit- Nine total

Revelation Gifts

Vocal Gifts

Power Gifts

Seven Steps to Fellowship with God – Seven Locations in the Tabernacle

Jesus Shed His Blood Seven Times

Blood Applied to Three Places on the Leper’s/Believer’s body:

Five Offices of the Church- Ephesians

Five Ways God Heals in the Bible



Cross and death to self

Yielding to the HS


Gifts of the Holy Spirit- Nine total


Revelation Gifts

Word of wisdom

Word of knowledge

Discerning of spirits




Interpretation of tongues





Gifts of healings

Gift of miracles



The gifts are your credentials. The enemy hates a well-armed and equipped believer. This is why he has developed so many false doctrines, in order to weaken New Testament Christianity and the power of God. Doctrines of men.

1 Cor. 2:4- we need the power of God

1 Cor. 12:31- covet the best gifts

Prov. 17:8- gift is precious; it should be protected

1 Cor. 12:7- Church of Jesus profits spiritually when the gifts are in operation

1 Cor. 12:8-11- the nine gifts

1 Cor. 12:1


The Trinity works in oneness regarding the Gifts of the Spirit:

Operations- the Father

Adminstrations- the Son

Manifestations- the HS


1 Cor. 14:38

Don’t be ignorant. You don’t want to arrive in heaven- and be ashamed.

Mt. 22:29- you err not knowing the scriptures or the power of God


1 Cor 1:5-7- you come behind in no gift It’s God’s will that we lack no gift

Gifts can be called “The senses of the church”

Luke 11:11-13


Are they permanent?

Romans 11:29- the gifts are without repentence  they are permanent


Are they used at will?

2 Tim. 1:6- stir up the gifts. So, yes, they are used at will.

1 Cor. 14:15- “I will…”; you don’t have to wait for God to say “Now”


Word of wisdom- the application of knowledge

Knowing how to apply knowledge; the knowledge of God’s word

It’s “The w of w” not “a word of wisdom”

It is needed in the operation of all the other gifts. That is why it is mentioned first.


Three types of wisdom in the Bible:

Of men- Eccl. 1:16-18

Of the enemy- 1 Cor. 2:6

Of God- 1 Cor. 2:6


It is a spoken gift.


Jesus knew how to do that.

Luke 4:3-13

Mt. 22:15-21


Why do we need it? To defeat the purpose of the enemy.


Knowledge is the raw material, and wisdom is what builds it.

The word of God is the raw material, and the word of wisdom is what builds it.

Word of wisdom is the supernatural impartation of facts.


How does it come? By prayer. Eph. 1:17



Word of Knowledge- knowing specific information, given by the Holy Spirit concerning a need or a problem.


Acts 5:3-

A deep knowing

Hosea 12:10- prophecy; visions of the Spirit; a similitude

Similitude- a word of knowledge; definite impressions; quickening of the Spirit


Romans 8:16- The Spirit bears witness with our spirit


Faith does not deny fact. Faith changes fact.


Discerning of Spirits- ability by the Spirit to detect or perceive the source of a spiritual manifestation, whether it is God, man, or the devil.


Three examples below from the Bible:

Discerning of God

Discerning of the enemy, a demon

Discerning of men


Discerning of God:

God- Acts 10:30-35- Peter

Jews were taught never to fellowship with Gentiles- ever. Yet he is in a house with Cornelius.

Gentiles were outside the covenant.

Gentile nations? God said to slay all of them and possess the land.

“You shall not bow to their gods, or allow your children to marry them, for if you do, you will be cursed like them.”

Jews knew the commands of the Bible, the demands of heaven, not to associate at all with Gentiles. Why? To keep the seed holy. The seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had to stay holy until Jesus came.


The Syro-phaenician woman- “Please let us just have the crumbs.” Jesu said, “Great is your faith.” Jesus did something remarkable: He allowed a Gentile to taste the bread that only belongs to the children.

After Jesus died, the mystery is revealed- that God is allowing everyone into the covenant. Peter was the first Jew to be awakened to this revelation, that God was changing His plans.

Cornelius was the first Gentile to speak to the Jews.


Jesus only went to the Jews

  1. He only traveled in the territory promised to Abraham
  2. He would not speak to Gentiles- in John 12- the Greeks asked to speak to Jesus, and He would not speak to them.

Peter had the gift of discernment to know this tremendous revelation was true and from God.

“I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.”


Discerning of demon:

Acts 16:17- Damsel w/ spirit of divination said words that sounded good, but in reality she was of the devil. Paul discerned a demon.


Discerning of men:

Acts 8:18-23- Peter perceived a human spirit, a jealousy spirit.


Vocal Gifts:


Interpretation of tongues





Three Types of Tongues

Tongues unto God- 1 Cor. 14:1-2; a mystery

Signs to the Unbeliever- Acts 2:4-6, 1 Cor 14:21-22; in a human language; rare

Edifies the Body of Christ- 1 Cor. 14:5- “rather” is really “in order that” in the Greek; this tongues stirs up the gift of prophecy


Tongues unto God:

Tongue for prayer and intercession

When you pray in English  the devil can plan against  you. At times, the mystery tongue is needed. It is used in warfare & intercession.

Example: in prayer, someone was lighter than air; and felt like someone unplugged his tongue; it was like a river, unstoppable…mysteries; he could see through a corridor, with deeper places; it will carry you, no more work…when we reach the river, it will carry us; this tongue cannot be interpreted




Signs to the Unbeliever

Story about a woman who spoke language she didn’t know, kept a killer from killing the pastor


Edifies the Body of Christ

It must be done in order, decently. It should not interrupt. Bible says “Know them that labor among you.” Pastor should know the person who will prophesy. Also, the person should be PROVEN. They must know the time was right, the spirit was right, and there is interpretation.


1 Cor. 12:4

“in” the Spirit  means “one with the Spirit”

Paul says I pray “with” the Spirit 


What is the presence of God like? It’s like a circle around you, with water very deep. You are in the water. He is all around you, before, behind, under, over. He surrounds us.

The Lord is My fortress.


How do we get in, So the gifts can operate properly.

Through prayer


The Tabernacle was an area with a fence around it.

First section- the Holy Place- with table of incense, a lampstand, and table of bread

Second section- Holy Holies- had the ark of the covenant

Covering of this inner tent was badger skins, really a “colored skin/colored leather” likely dark in color.

From the outside, the skin was ugly. Inside, the Holy Holies was magnificently, gloriously beautiful with the Presence of God.


The Outer Court had a gate, the altar of sacrifice, and a laver like a big cup and saucer with water.


There are seven steps a believer must follow to fellowship with God. The seven locations in the Tabernacle symbolize the seven steps.


The Seven Steps to Fellowship with God:

Tabernacle     Fellowship

The gate                   Jesus Christ

The altar                   The blood

The laver                  The word

The lampstand        The light

Showbread    Satisfaction

Incense          Worship

His Glory                  His Glory




Enter through the Gate.

The gate had four colors, which represent the four gospels, the four revelations of Jesus



White- perfection, purity- Son of man- sinless- Mark- we can identify with him- he was baptized- when Jesus was baptized, he was saying, “I’m becoming one of them.” Know Him


Blue- Son of God- John- worship Him


Purple- King- Matthew- obey Him


Scarlet- suffering Savior- Luke- trust Him



The altar of sacrifice:

The Blood

Wherever the blood is, the Spirit is.

Three things that agree, acc. to the epistle of John: water (the word), the blood, Spirit

Lev. 14- leprosy is symbolic of sin; instructions for cleansing a leper.

Cedar, Scarlet cloth, hyssop, two birds. Go outside the camp. Slay one bird, put the blood in a bucket. Hyssop is a green plant. Take the hyssop, the wood, the scarlet cloth, and the living bird, and dip them in the blood.

The wood- the cross

Scarlet- suffering

Hyssop- faith; David said, “wash me with hyssop, and I shall be clean.”

Drink or eat hyssop, and it cleans your system.

The living bird- the resurrection

Four items in the blood of the first bird, and spray the leper 7 times. Jesus shed his blood 7 times.


Jesus Shed His Blood Seven Times

He sweated drops of blood, in Gethsemene

They beat his face and tore his beard

From his head, after the crown of thorns was placed

From His back, when they whipped his back

From His hands, when they nailed his hands

From His feet

From His side, when they pierced Him


The leper was brought into the family.

God commanded Moses to put the blood in a container and apply it to his right earlobe, his right thumb, and right his toe. And take oil and apply it on top of the blood. After salvation, the blood must be applied daily to our: hearing, working, and walking.


The leper is symbolic and the shadow of the believer today:

Blood Applied to Three Places on the Leper’s/Believer’s body:

Ear Our hearing; Our thought life

Hand  Our working; Our daily Life

Foot  Our walking; Our walk with Jesus


Put the rest of the oil on his head. He is now dripping with oil.

That is a believer, after salvation.



The laver- the word of God.

They washed is that laver every day, before they walked into the Holy Place to do service unto God.

Why? In the Old Covenant, they had to wash their hands and their feet, their work and their walk. In the New Covenant, it’s different.

Jesus in John 13 said, “You are clean except for your feet.” In the New Covenant, we only have to wash our walk, our feet. Because it’s not by work, it’s by grace. But the walk is still there. We do NOT have to WORK for it anymore. But we do walk with Him.


Word of God keeps you clean and purifies your soul. Your soul is your emotion, will. and intellect. It’s like a wick of a candle. It must be clean so the light can shine.

Eph.- He loves the church and washed it with the word.


Now you qualify for the Holy Place



The lampstand- His light.

It begins to illuminate your life.

The revelation and light of God’s word.



12 loaves of bread representing the 12 tribes of Israel. His satisfaction.

It is the satisfaction of the word. It has frankincense so it is bitter.



Incense- worship.

Three thick skins cover the H of H, so the smoke of the incense does not leave.


You must pass five pillars before your get to the Holy Place. They represent the five offices of the church:


Five Offices of the Church- Ephesians

Apostle- can do all the ministries

Prophet- “thus says the Lord”

Evangelist- reaches more people than others

Pastor- a gentleman

Teacher- can get in places others cannot


You are fed by the five offices. When you are, it will illuminate, satisfy, and build worship in your spirit.

The smoke fills the Holy Place. The veil separates the two places.



The Glory


Once you are in, you are free.

The gifts will operate will operate properly.


Interpretation of Tongues- equal to prophecy

1 Cor. 4:3-5- “in order that”

1 Cor. 14:13- comes through prayer

Only the third tongue can be interpreted



1 Cor. 14:3




It builds you up, encourages you, and comforts you.

Redemption is in every word He gives you. He is a God of love, not condemnation.

It brings:

Life- Ez. 37:1-14- prophecy brought life

Vision- Prov. 29:18- word of God brings vision

Joshua 1:8- “observe”-

It excites you, gives you vision. Your excitement level goes up.

Numbers 11:24ff- God wants everyone to prophesy

Prophecy must be judges; so, it can be wrong. Why? Because sometimes someone who prophesies may not be a prophet. Judge it acc. to the word.


Power Gifts


Gift of faith- God-given ability to believe Him for the impossible.


Three Revelations of Faith in the Bible


Saving faith- Romans 5:1- with you at all times

Fruit of faith- Ga. 5:22- with you at all times

Gift of faith- 1 Cor. 12- comes for a moment, reason & a season


All three are totally separate


Instantaneous assurance the God will act

Mt 8:1-3- gift of faith was in the leper; if it operates in you, you will be healed

Acts 16:16-18

“Now faith is the substance…”

You pray, pray, pray … then you know, know, know. It’s alive. You say, “I’m in it.” That’s substance.

Desire, Hope  Prayer  Gift of Faith

Prayer will birth the gift of faith. Consistent prayer.

Faith from the heart, the innermost being. Rhema faith.


Seven Levels of Faith


Weak- Romans 4:19- limits God, due to wrong teaching


Temporary- Luke 8:13- believes for awhile, but when tests come, it fails


Active- James 2:14-26- develops into a mighty force that masters all enemies of faith


Strong- Romans 4:20- refuses defeat; where most Spirit-filled believers are


Hear, and hear, and hear, and hear


Great- Mt. 8:10, 15:28- Lord, speak the word; I don’t have to see it or feel it


Unfeigned- 1 Tim. 1:5, 2 Tim. 1:5- knows no hypocrisy; does not brag or put on a show; it’s the real thing


Perfect- Gal. 2:20, James 2:21-22



Acts 16:16-18- at one point, the gift of faith was there.

Never cast a devil out until the gift of faith is there.


Remember when the man told Jesus, “your disciples could not cast out the devil.” Jesus said, “this kind only goes out by prayer and fasting.” P and F will raise the level of faith so that the devil can be cast out.

There are different levels of the gift of faith. There are different intensities and manifestations.

In an anointed service, the gift of faith is always there.


Gifts of Healing

Plural because It’s physical and emotional

Healing- restores what is broken.

Comes in two ways- immediate and gradual

John 4:52- gradual

Mt 8:3- immediate


Five Ways God Heals in the Bible

Anointing oil- James 5:14

Laying on of hands- Mark 16:13

Spoken word- Luke 7:1-10

Healing presence also- Mark 6:56- she touched the hem of His garment

Peter’s shadow healed the sick

Impartation of healing through an object- cloth, apron; also in Old Covenant, when Elijah said take my staff and lay it on the boy.



Miracles- means “dounamis”- extends to every area of life

Miracle- performance of something against the law of nature

It’s creative, always.

Healing is restoration. Like arthritis, cancer healed.

Miracles are creation. Like the growth of a limb, a miracle.


Eph. 1:20- the mighty power that brought Jesus from the dead is in you.

Col. 1:11

Acts 4:33


What weakens the power in you? Ignorance of God’s word.

Mark 16:20- “the Lord working with them and confirming the word.”

Mt 22:29-


It’s the product of His spoken word

2 Tim. 3:5-7

Ps. 33:6




God waits for our cooperation, and then performs the miracles.


Jesus said, “Be careful what you hear.” “Be careful how you hear it.”


Mark 4:23-24- “take heed what you hear.”

“unto you that hear, shall more be given.”  incredible revelation


Luke 8:18- “take heed how you hear.” 


The seed is the word.

You are the field. You are responsible for what kind of field you are. Will you produce 30 fold? 60 fold? 100 fold?


Heb 5:13-14


Seven Levels of Faith


Weak- Romans 4:19- limits God, due to wrong teaching


Temporary- Luke 8:13- believes for awhile, but when tests come, it fails


Active- James 2:14-26- develops into a mighty force that masters all enemies of faith


Strong- Romans 4:20- refuses defeat; where most Spirit-filled believers are


Hear, and hear, and hear, and hear


Great- Mt. 8:10, 15:28- Lord, speak the word; I don’t have to see it or feel it


Unfeigned- 1 Tim. 1:5, 2 Tim. 1:5- knows no hypocrisy; does not brag or put on a show; it’s the real thing


Perfect- Gal. 2:20, James 2:21-22


Revelation of Faith

Heb. 1:1-6

“Now faith is”  faith is always in the present

In this passage, there are seven revelations of faith:

Faith will:

Give substance

Give evidence

Cause you to obtain a good report in the sight of God

Cause you to understand spiritual truths

Cause you to offer God an excellent sacrifice

Translate you from the natural to the spiritual world

Cause you to please God




Who gives faith? The Lord Jesus. He is the source and author. We seek Him, and He gives faith.


“Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as r’ss.” Believe here means “to throw oneself onto another.” Let God carry you. The work is already done.

Hope  Desire  Prayer  Faith


By faith we understand that God made the universe, the heavens, the earth, human beings.

If someone looks at the universe, it is all a miracle, beyond human comprehension.

God IS existence. He was before the universe was created. The universe lives in Him.


Answer to someone who says, “Prove that Jesus is the true God and Lord.”


“Please describe the speed of light. The universe is expanding at that speed. And new planets and stars are being created all the time. How far away the nearest star to the earth? If you or I stand on that star and look at the earth, the earth would barely be visible, like a tiny pin hole in a paper. And you and I are a speck of dust on that tiny pin hole.

How silly it is for the speck of dust to say, “God, prove you exist.”


God is bigger than our minds and what we can comprehend. He is God.

To see His fullness is totally impossible.

We please Him with faith. We cannot please Him with reason.


Everyone on earth has faith. Every day, all day. When we make agreements, there is faith.

Romans 12:3- every believer has faith.

It’s our job to develop our faith.

Eph. 2:8- Faith is God’s gift to us

How do we develop it?

2 Thess. 1:3- we must cooperate with Him.

We should read and re-read the Bible.


Some amazing truths in the Tabernacle.

In the Tabernacle, every pole is a sermon. Every pole should be made of shittim word = flesh, bodies

Crown the wood with silver

Cap below with brass

Put a silver hook

Attach a rope of goat’s hair

Attached to a brass nail, halfway in ground and halfway out

Why all this detail?


Every pole is Jesus

The only type of wood in the world that does not decay is shittim wood. Almost like olive wood.  symbolic of a body that saw no corruption

Brass – suffering

Silver – redemption. Every time you see silver in Bible, it symbolizes redemption

Silver hook – redemption

Goats hair – sin – Jesus became sin

Nail – Isaiah called Christ the nail –

Jesus, the Savior, dies, was buried, but rose again – nail halfway in the ground, halfway out.



In hebrew language, a letter is a word. Every letter is a word


Here is how faith grows:


Romans 10:10-  “With the heart believes unto r’ss”

Unto  it has a destination. Faith grows when it has a destination.

We need healing, liberty, whatever. We need a destination. When we have one, faith will grow.

Heart = Spirit Man, the real person. The Spirit man is the part of you that is created in the image and likeness of God. Your spirit is one with the Holy Ghost. The spirit needs spiritual food.

Faith exists in the spirit realm.

1 Thess. 5:8 – hope is in the mind

Prayer until it becomes rhema.

Hope – Prayer – start moving – halfway my hope turns into faith – now there is substance – substance carries me to the evidence – I’m developing faith upon faith upon faith


Faith and Its Seven Destinations:

Justifies- Romans 5:1

Secures- Assurance- 1 Peter 1:5

Answers prayer- Mark 11:24

Heals- James 5:14-15

Gives victory- I John 5:4

Cleanses- Acts 15:9

Gives daily walk with God- 2 Cor. 5:7- a life walking with God every day




Prayer puts rhema inside you.


You live in the world called position.

You live in the world of experience.

How do we get to our position in Christ?

By renewing our mind through the word




Colored Highlighting for the Bible:

Red- promises

Green- prophecy

Blue- teaching, what the Spirit is teaching

Brown- very important

  Mix red and brown, one line red, one line brown

Purple- prayer

Orange- an order; commands of God

Yellow- remember it; don’t forget it