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The Holy Spirit is the Treasure

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Bridge Ministries Podcast Series


Presence of Jesus Part 3

Celebrate Jesus Christ! More teaching about the Presence of Jesus is in Part 3, by Author & Teacher Jim...

Presence of Jesus Part 2

Celebrate Jesus Christ! In Part 2 (of 5) of the Presence of Jesus, author Jim Harwell discusses the glorious presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and how every person can experience...


Mysteries of the Kingdom Pt 2

Explore the mysteries of the presence of Jesus Christ. In Part 2 of 5, author Jim Harwell continues to his messages about the kingdom, the glorious presence of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Presence of Jesus Part 5

The Presence of Jesus is the most glorious entity in the universe. Learn about the unspeakable privilege of walking with Him. The final message in Part 1. In the next message, Jim Harwell will begin Part 2 of the Presence of Jesus, with five more 10-minute messages.

Presence of Jesus Part 4

Jesus' presence is the greatest power, the most beautiful entity, in the universe. Author Jim Harwell discusses the mystery & the secret of the presence of Jesus the Christ.